CSS gradients [ Using linear gradient CSAS]

Using linear gradient

Basic linear gradient

.simple-linear { background : linear-gradient (blue, pink) ; }

Change direction

Diagonal gradient

Using angle

Declaring colors & creating effects

Using more than two colors

Color positioning stops

Make a hard line

Gradient hint

Making color ribbons & stripes

Control gradient progression

Gradient layering

Stacked gradients

Using a radial gradient

Basic radial gradient

Positioning the radial color stop

Positioning the center of the gradient

Measuring radial gradient

Example: nearest side to ellipse

Example: farthest angle for an ellipse

Example: nearest side to circle

Example: length or percentage for ellipse

Example: circle length

Stacked radial gradient

Using a conical gradient

Basic cone gradient

.simple-conic { background : conic-gradient (red, blue) ; }

Positioning the center of the cone

Changing angle

Using repeating gradients

Multiple repeating linear gradients

Checkered gradient

Repeated radial gradient

Multiple repeating radial gradients




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Ahmad Wahyudi

Ahmad Wahyudi

Penulis website www.alhikmah.my.id

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